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The Compassionate Employer programme is a resource developed as a direct response to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) publication ‘Managing bereavement in the workplace – a good practice guide’ launched in September 2014. Our programme will provide practical resources developed by experts to help an organisation and their employees respond effectively to a bereaved person in the workplace. [Link to ACAS publication]

The resources we have developed have been based around earlier work by The Irish Hospice Foundation, The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement with The Compassionate Friends Victoria, and training workshops devised by St Giles Hospice in the UK. We are grateful to these organisations for allowing us to use resources that have already shown to be invaluable in supporting employers improve the bereavement support they can offer. We are also grateful for the confidence that the Shaw Foundation has shown in our team by supporting the development of the resources.

Organisations who want to register with us will have access to a range of resources available. We will also undertake an assessment with the organisation to see if they meet the criteria to be recognised as a Compassionate Employer and if they are successful they will be able to use the registered logo on their own materials. At the end of three years a further review of the organisation will be undertaken to ensure they still meet the Compassionate Employer criteria.

We are working with our early adopter sites which include Shaw Healthcare, The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, NHS England, St Giles Hospice and Keech Hospice and we will listen to feedback and ensure that the programme and its resources continues to evolve and remain flexible in meeting the needs of differing organisations. As the programme grows we will ensure that all those registered as Compassionate Employers benefit from the changes through updates on our members only pages.

Please get in touch to have a discussion about the Compassionate Employers programme and award.

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