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Organisations registered on the programme will benefit from a wide range of resources and support which include:

A ‘What Makes a Compassionate Employer’ guide

A range of leaflets which will be included in the registration package, but will also be available as free downloads or to be purchased if additional hard copies are required:

What do I say
Initial communication with a person in the workplace who is bereaved including tips for managers and colleagues on what to say and what not to say.

What is bad news
Delivering bad news in the workplace including having to deliver bad news over the phone when a face to face meeting isn’t an option.

How can I help
Returning to work after a bereavement including tips for managers and colleagues on how best to support the bereaved person when they initially return to work.

What do I do
Supporting a person who is bereaved which covers the various ways support can be offered and signposts to other organisations and websites offering specialist support.

Understanding Grief
Guidance on how people grieve in different ways and the common emotions they may experience.

Employee bereavement Information leaflet / letter
A template for organisations to adapt and use when initially communicating with a bereaved member of staff.

Traumatic death and bereavement when a baby or child dies
This provides guidance when a traumatic death occurs such as when an accident occurs or a person takes their own life. Also included is advice for when a colleague’s baby or child dies and signposts to specialist organisations and website that can offer more support.

Respecting diversity in bereavement
The importance of beliefs and culture in bereavement includes why understanding culture is so important after death and top tips for managers

Practical and longer term support needs following bereavement
Why employees may need additional bereavement leave after a death covering examples of why leave may be needed and how to anticipate potentially vulnerable periods such as significant dates and anniversaries.

When a work colleague dies
Responding to the death of a work colleague highlights the impact this can have on the workplace and how it can be handles sensitively

10 Guidelines for becoming a compassionate employer
This guide provides employers with 10 guidelines to becoming a compassionate employer and covers what an employer may want to consider when reviewing their bereavement policy and what other support and practical suggestions they may want to put in place to help both the bereaved employees and other staff supporting them.

• Films – Two new interactive films have been developed to support line managers each with a number of decision making pathways and an evaluation at the end. These will be available on the website or to purchase as DVDs.

• A template for a bereavement policy based on ACAS guide

• Meetings and workshops:

  • 1. Introductory meeting with key people who are going to lead the work on behalf of the organisation and discuss how the Compassionate Employer programme can benefit an organisation and which resources best meet the needs.

  • 2. A two hour ‘Introduction to the Compassionate Employer programme’ workshop aimed at senior and middle managers, HR personnel and can also be used as a taster workshop when delivering to a group of organisations.

  • 3. A half day ‘Bereavement in the Workplace’ workshop which is our main workshop for all managers and employees and will be of special interest to line managers.

  • 4. A ‘Train the Trainers’ workshop designed to support existing trainers within an organisation to deliver and disseminate the ‘Bereavement in the Workplace’ workshop.

Download the pdf guide ‘CE Workshop Descriptions’ for more detail of each of the workshops

• When an organisation believes it can demonstrate it meets the Compassionate Employer criteria a further assessment visit will be made and if successful the organisation will be able to use the registered logo on its own materials. This will be reviewed every three years.

• Access to the members section of the website where additional resources will be made available as well as an opportunity to share experiences and good practice. It will include other useful information and links to ‘Find Me Help’ which can be tailored to meet the organisations’ individual needs.

• A framework for developing ‘bereavement champions’ in the workplace [in development]

Please get in touch to have a discussion about the Compassionate Employers programme and award.

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